Top Tips for 1st Time Visitors to the Isle of Skye

  1. Book accommodation before arrival. Save money by searching on the web and where possible book direct. Websites such as are extremely helpful too. Try google maps and check out local Facebook pages such as Skye Rooms.

  2. Allow yourself plenty of time to explore the island. Two days is not sufficient to take in all the sites and experiences that are available.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask your host for information or any additional requirements you may have. Local people are extremely helpful and willing to assist with the visitor experience.

  4. Skye is now an excellent culinary centre with renowned restaurants such as The Three Chimneys. If you are visiting during high season then it would be advisable to book your table well in advance at most of the local restaurants.

  5. Prepare yourself for driving on single track roads!

  6. The weather on Skye can be very changeable, you may experience four seasons in one day. Pack layers of clothing and ensure that both outer garments and suitable walking boots or shoes are waterproof.

  7. Remember that daylight hours are longer than further South so when planning excursions take this into account.

  8. If you are staying over a weekend, check out where places are open on a Sunday as many do close for the day.

  9. Mobile data coverage is still very poor in many areas of Skye so it would be important to research and plan whilst within reach of a wi-fi connection. There are also still areas where there is none or limited phone signal.

  10. Most importantly stay safe. When taking to the hills never walk alone…..